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Saturday , November , 25 2017
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Innessco’s Service Agreements provide technical support to organisations without a dedicated IT Administrator. When the unexpected occurs, we can be there to provide the technical support you need to resolve your problem.
The Challenge
To be competitive and profitable, organisations, no matter how large or small, require sophisticated IT systems. Be it email, accounts/finance, document management/production, warehouse/inventory management, CRM, websites/ online stores, etc - these systems are now critical to your organisations success and profitability falls as soon as one of them is unavailable or not operating as desired.

But without an IT team with deep technical knowledge and management tools (or with limited resources within this team), how will your organisation:

  1. Administer the system, for example, add users and conduct backups?
  2. Conduct regular monitoring and maintenance of your IT System to prevent problems occurring?
  3. Resolve a problem with your IT System when the unexpected occurs?
  4. Choose the most effective IT System for your organisation, considering the abundance of offerings available?
How Innessco Helps
Innessco's  Support Agreements are designed to provide the technical support and management you need for your IT Systems.  When the unexpected occurs, our experienced IT Technicians are available to help you resolve your problem remotely or on-site.
By using internally developed, automated tools, we are able to detect errors in your system before they cause you problems. Depending on the package and options that you choose, we either fix the error for you or help you understand the impact of the error so that you are able to determine if it is something worth resolving.
For when the unexpected occurs, our experieced consultants can be there to help you resolve your problem.
Innessco offers 3 levels of Service Agreements as shown in the table below.

Inclusions  Basic Support  Business Hours Managed Servers  24x7 Managed Server 
Technical Account Manager
Weekly Error Detection
Daily Error Detection
Error Resolution PAYG
Telephone Support PAYG
Emergency Support 9 to 5 24 x 7
Annual Health Checks
Quarterly Health Checks

To enable you to purchase the support that you need, the following "pick and mix" options are available for the Business Hours and 24 by 7 packages:

► User Account Management ► Hardware Management
► Asset Tracking Management ► Printer Management
► Network Management ► Upgrade/Patch Management
► Security Management ► Disk Space Management
► Email Management ► Scheduled Job Management
► Backup Management ► Workstation Management
► Error Log Management


Key Benefits
  • Provides expert technical support without requiring a dedicated staff member
  • Provides a broad range of technology services when and where they are needed
  • Provides 24/7 or business hours emergency support coverage
  • Cost effective and flexible packages

Technologies Supported
  • Windows Server - 2003, 2008 and 2012
  • Windows Small Business Server
  • Linux Server, RedHat, CentOS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, XP
  • Apple OS X