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Innessco is an IT consulting partnership that works with small and mid size organisations to help them implement, support and manage IT solutions. Once you engage with Innessco, we supplement or act as your IT Department.


Onsite and remote helpdesk services. All calls are tracked in our ticketing system and managed through to a resolution. We provide fixed price, PAYG and 24x7 support packages.

Server Monitoring

Daily monitoring of your servers for hardware and software errors, disk space availability and performance. We advise you of any issues and resolve where required.

Backup & Recovery

Recovery tests of your existing backups to ensure you are protected. Installation and configuration of both onsite and offsite backups to protect you in case of disaster. Read more ...

IT Management

Do you have an IT problem that is costing your business money? Innessco manages complex IT problems, identifies the root causes and offers alternate solutions.

Project Delivery

Assist you to select and implement technology to support your business - from new network equipment, servers, PC rollouts, accounting solutions, CRM solution etc

SQL Server

Fixed price and PAYG support packages to assist you manage your SQL server. We also provide health checks, upgrades, consolidations and performance tuning consulting.

HPEInnessco recommends and resells HP ProLiant servers. HP is a leading manufacturer of enterprise class server solutions that deliver maximum performance and reliability while simplifying day to day management.

Servers come with HP warranty support. Should a hardware problem occur, HP will attend onsite and replace the faulty part.

For more complex requirements that require a combination of servers, storage and networking equipment, Innessco organises for a HP architect to assist you determine the right hardware options.

Innessco recommends and resells HP Workstations. HP is a leading manufacturer of desktop workstations, mobile workstations, all in ones and monitors.

Innessco is able to create a standard software build (SOE) for you organisation and can ensure that all workstations are delivered with this build installed.

Innessco is a distributor of Microsoft licenses. We can advise what licenses you require and can offer alternative architectures that will allow you to minimising your licensing costs.

Speak to Innessco, if you are seeking to understand the difference between

  • OEM Licensing
  • Subscription, via Office365
  • Volume Licensing


Innessco recommends and resells Cisco routers, switches, wireless and security (firewall) equipment. Cisco is a leading manufacturer of enterprise network and communications equipment. Their products are suitable for businesses as small as 5 people.

Innessco specialises in the setup and installation of Cisco routers, firewalls and switches for small and medium sized businesses.


Innessco recommends and resells TPG Fast Internet (including Fiber) and BizPhone Telephones.

TPG is an Australian Internet Service Provider which provides ADSL and business grade internet services. TPG business grade Fiber and SHDSL (Symmetrical High Speed DSL) service ranges from 5Mbps to 400Mbps.

Where required, Innessco manages the installation of the TPG connection to ensure that it is installed and connected to your office network with a minimum of disruption.

Innessco recommends and resells TrendMicro for the security protection of your servers and workstations. Innessco is able to advise the most suitable product for your needs.

Trend Micro provides a centralised console that allows Innessco to monitor your servers and workstations and advise when virus definitions have not been updated or when a virus or security threat is detected.

Why Choose Us?
  • Single contact point for all your IT
  • Remote helpdesk located in Sydney
  • Regular onsite support visits - Australian Capital Cities
  • Dedicated technical manager
  • Small enough to care
  • Large enough to provide 24x7 support
  • Cost effective and flexible support packages