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Saturday , November , 25 2017
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Innessco delivers private cloud services from its data center located in Global Switch Sydney. Our PAYG monthly pricing with no lock in contracts enables you to get started quickly while provding flexibility for the future.
Offsite Backup

Innessco provides an Online Offsite Backup service to allow you to automatically backup your critical file and application data. The service copies your critical data over the internet to servers located in the Innessco datacentre.

In the event of a disaster, you are able to download the backup files or Innessco can assist you recover the data and get your environment up and working again.

Our Offsite Backup service is provided on a PAYG basis with no lock in contracts. It includes a business hours help desk with telephone support to provide the personalised service your business requires.

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Backup and Recovery

Whilst many businesses are including offsite option in their overall backup strategy.  There is still good reason to maintain onsite backups.  Innessco supports a range of products and technologies to support your needs.

Innessco's prefers

Talk to your Account Representative to assist you to determine which is the right choice for your business

  • Automated backup that can run nightly and at scheduled intervals during the day
  • Innessco monitors the backup on a daily basis and advises if an issue has occurred
  • Eliminates need for backup disks or tapes being taken offsite
  • All data is stored on servers located in Australia