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Saturday , November , 25 2017
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Innessco delivers private cloud services from its data center located in Global Switch Sydney. Our PAYG monthly pricing with no lock in contracts enables you to get started quickly while provding flexibility for the future.
Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktop is a Cloud Computing service where your workstation is actually running in the Innessco datacentre with the Internet acting as a large monitor cable transmitting all keystrokes, mouse movements and screen displays to your local computer.

Innessco provides Hosted Desktops based on Windows Terminal Server or Remote Desktop technology. Our services are provided on a PAYG basis with no lock in contracts.

Our Hosted Desktop service includes a business hours help desk with telephone support to provide the personalised service your business requires. If required, a dedicated support engineer can be assigned to ensure continuity regarding support calls.

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Shared Services

Innessco’s Hosted Desktops take advantage of a number of shared services that we have developed in order to provide enterprise level technology at a SME price.  

Innessco provides the following shared services that are available to your hosted desktop charged on a per user, per month basis. 

  • Standardised security and configuration settings via Group Policy to provide a consistent user experience across your organisation
  • File Services, replicated across separate physical servers to ensure minimum data loss and service continuity in the event of hardware failure
  • Enterprise Exchange Mailboxes, with unlimited archiving capacity
  • SQL Server Database, replicated across separate physical servers to ensure minimum data loss and service continuity in the event of hardware failure
  • Document Management through the M-Files Application
  • Active Directory, configured in high availability mode
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  • You can access your workstation from any internet connected computer
  • All backups are managed for you as a part of the service
  • All employees in your organisation receive the same desktop, reducing training and support costs (a problem resolved for one users is automatically available to all users)
  • Client Server applications such as Accounting, CRM and Document Management systems can be easily installed and accessed from outside the office
  • You can leverage shared services such as File Servers, Active Directory, Exchange and SQL Server to reduce the costs or setting up and running your applications
  • You can delay workstation upgrades and purchase lower spec machines as processing is actually occurring in the Innessco datacentre