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Saturday , November , 25 2017
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ALPMA Summit 2017


This is our 3rd Summit, if you haven't' met us yet, we look forward to meeting with you.

We are of the view that our service offering is unique and tightly matches a boutique legal firm's requirements. The following are the key reasons firms like yours are choosing Innessco as their IT system integrator:

  • Our sole focus is the delivery of Hosted Desktops to law firms with between 10 and 100 users
  • The result of this focus is that all team members are experienced and have a sound understanding of how a law firm operates and the applications that you use 
  • Our support model involves us taking full responsibility for all of your IT
  • We have created a Define, Replicate, Resolve, Test process that we use continuously throughout our firm to improve the efficiency with which problems are identified and resolved
  • Our directors, Robert and David, have an active role in the day to day running of the business


Robert and David instil the following two key principles in the Innessco team:

  1. Keep it simple (do the simple things well)
  2. Resolve problems via our Define, Replicate, Resolve & Test process.

These two principles guide and underpin the way that Innessco develops and delivers IT and is the framework through which a quality service is provided.

Meet Us @ Victorian State Corporate Partner FY17

Thank you to the colleagues we met at the FY17 Victorian Chapter Lunch time seminars.

ALPMA’s well-respected and popular Practice Management seminars enhance the skills and professional knowledge of managers and lawyers with management responsibility at law firms and legal departments – and provide a great forum for networking amongst our close-knit community. 


Book in for a Demo

In your offices the Innessco team will:

  • Explain the benefits of a Hosted Desktop
  • Confirm that your existing or proposed Business Applications will run
  • Delve into detail about our Technology
  • Provide pricing for budgets
  • Explain our helpdesk and support model
  • Elaborate on our experience in the legal industry
  • Prepare your very own personalised demonstration

Below are some of the applications we are able to demonstrate running in the Innessco Hosted Desktop.


Leading Document Management Solutions


leading and innovating document management

Affordable Practice Management


Practice Management for small law firms


Easy to use PDF creation and editing


Protecting organizations from accidental information and metadata leaks


Comparing Documents

Workshare Compare

Leader in Document Comparison for over 10 years

 M-Files Document Management

Document Management on premise